Hawai’i Taro Farm began building its foundation using the hands & hearts of the Pahia ‘Ohana (Family). Together the family traveled throughout the island of Maui planting “kalo” (taro) in various locations, striving to feed the people of Hawai’i. Together they planted “kalo” (taro) all over Maui with their keiki in tow perpetuating the Hawaiian Culture. They have planted “kalo” (taro) in Kula, Wailuku, Kahului, Maliko and Waikapu. It took an exceptionally long time for Bobby & Juanita to find a forever home for Hawai’i Taro Farm. Bobby dedicated his life “to get poi back on the table” for the people of Hawai’i which is now forming a legacy for his children and their children. Bobby & Juanita now have a total of eight grandchildren, all who grew & are still growing up in his “mala” or dryland taro patches. They have all been taught how to plant, harvest, clean, & cook “kalo” (taro). Today, his knowledge lives on through his bloodline with a heading to “Just Keep Planting”.

Due to the comittment and dedication from the Pahia Family, Bobby & Juanita now manage a 300- acre parcel in Waikapu, Maui. Hawai’i Taro Farm is one of the first to grow “kalo” (taro) on previously owned sugar cane land. Which has always been a long time dream by not only the Pahia ‘Ohana but the entire state of Hawai’i. They currently share this parcel with 23 other local farmers/families all coming from different ethnic backgrounds. This is something that truly is unique, it just goes to show how dedicated they are to reaching the masses of Hawai’i.Bobby & Juanita have been more than generous to the community at large. They have donated to the Mauna Kea Movement, KU’I at the Capitpol, Punana Leo, Queen Lili’uokalani Trust, Hui Malama Learning Center, Feed My Sheep, Boys & Girls Club and so much more… They have partnered with Ho’omana Farms on numerous occasions and together have distributed cooked “pua’a” (pork) & “kalo” (taro) to the Waikapu Community. Hawai’i Taro Farm truly has proven to have a heart of Gold & finds great joy to serve the people of all Hawai’i.

Every day, The Pahia Ohana continues to fight the good fight in dedication to building a self-sustainable future for agriculture here on Maui. If you would like to contribute to the movement happening at Hawai’i Taro Farm, please send us a email at hawaiitarofarmllc@gmail.com

On behalf of Hawai’i Taro Farm, We would like to thank Mimi Hu, Hoaloha Na Eha & Mike Atherton for your devoted support in building a sustainable future for the island of Maui County. Last, but definetly not least we give thanks to the one above for opening doors and bringing the right people in our paths to help see this project through to the end. “MAHALO KE AKUA”

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